Owner-Builder Application Forms

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

How to apply for an owner builder permit?
  • One of the applicants named on the Title must complete an Owner Builder Course or be granted an exemption from completing the course prior to lodging the application;
  • Complete an Owner Builder Permit Application form;
  • Lodge the application form along with proof of ownership of the property (original or certified copy of a Current Title Search or Registration Confirmation Statement that's no older than 30 days old) from the Titles Office or one of their recommended Title Search Distributors, along with proof of identity and the required fee (all information is contained in the application form).

Are you leasing?
If you wish to apply for an owner builder permit and you are a lessee of the property, you will need to seek legal advice regarding your rights and obligations. You will need to provide the information noted above, excluding the proof of ownership, AND:
  • Proof of the lessor's ownership of the property (e.g. Title);
  • A copy of the lease agreement; and
  • A letter from the owner/lessor giving you permission to perform the work under an owner builder permit on the property. A description of the intended building work must be included.

The application for the owner builder permit must be made by the lessee but must also include the owner's details in the application. The lessee will become the permit holder and is required to sign the application form. The lessee will not be eligible to hold a subsequent permit for 6 years from the date of issue of a previous permit.

Can a company apply for an owner builder permit?
Yes - Where a company is making application for a permit the following applies:
  • The application should be made by the company and MUST contain all directors' names and signatures;
  • One of the directors must complete the Owner Builder Course or be granted an exemption from having to undertake the course;
  • Proof of the company's directors must be provided in the form of an Australian Securities and Investment Commission Current Company Extract or an Historical Company Extract.

Description of work and value
It is important that you provide a detailed description of the works to be undertaken and an accurate estimated value of the cost of construction. The value of building work must be determined by calculating the cost of all materials and the cost a licensed contractor would charge you for the work as if they were performing the work (including GST), regardless of whether the contractor is performing the work or not. This means you cannot reduce the price if you obtain discounted or recycled materials or free labour.

How long does an application take to process?
QBCC aim to process an application within one month of receipt if all required information is provided and there are no requests for exemptions. Exemption or exceptional circumstance requests or missing documentation will delay the process. Once the application is processed the permit will be sent to your notified postal address.

Notification on Title
If you are issued an owner builder permit, a notification is entered onto the land title for a minimum of seven years. This notification indicates that an owner builder permit has been granted in relation to domestic building work carried out on the property. The purpose of the notification is to ensure that any future purchasers are made aware that the work was performed under a permit. It may be removed by the Registrar of Titles after seven years from the date of entry has elapsed. This is detailed more fully in your permit, in some instances it can affect the sale of your property. Contact the Department of Environment and Resource Management to obtain a copy of your Title.

Note - you are only entitled to one permit every six years!

Are there any exemptions from this six year rule?
In exceptional circumstances, QBCC may be able to grant a second permit within a six year timeframe. Exceptional circumstances could be if either you, or a person you are living with, is suffering from a serious medical condition or severe financial hardship and the work to be carried out would help.

If you are applying for another building permit within six years of obtaining the first permit you are required to apply for exemption from the six-year ruling. You will need to complete and lodge an Application for Exemption from the Six-year Ruling form.

Download QLD Building and Construction Commission Application Form

Western Australia Building Commission

Owner-builders require approval from the Building Services Board under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 before they can apply for a building permit from a local government for building work valued over $20,000.
An owner-builder is permitted to take out a building permit once every six years. Individuals applying to be owner-builders should be aware of their requirements and responsibilities, including home indemnity insurance requirements if selling your owner-built home.

If you are a registered building contractor you may seek exemption from home indemnity insurance when building your principal place of residence.

Download WA Building Commission Application Form


Victorian Building Commission

How to apply for a Certificate of Consent to become an Owner-Builder.

From 14 June 2005 owner-builders:
  • Must obtain a Certificate of Consent from the Building Practitioners Board in order to obtain a building permit to carry out domestic building work valued over $12,000;
  • Must ensure they read and understand information on their legal obligations and responsibilities;
  • May obtain building permits for a single dwelling and associated work on a single property, in any three-year period.

Your application may be returned to you if the application is not complete or the information requested is not provided. Please check the application thoroughly before submitting.

What's the new process for owner-builders?
To apply for a Certificate of Consent you must follow the steps below:
  • Step 1:Request or download a copy of the Owner-builder Application Kit and Checklist;
  • Step 2: Read and complete the application form and statutory declaration contained in the Owner-builder Application Kit;
  • Step 3: Tear out the completed application form and statutory declaration;
  • Step 4: Attach the application fee of $87.28 (Effective from 1 July 2012);
  • Step 5: Attach a copy of a current driver's licence or passport (as proof of identity);
  • Step 6: Attach a copy of a Certificate of Title or Register Search Statement and Plan of Subdivision;
  • Step 7: Send or deliver the completed application, with any supporting documents to:

Application Submission
By mail:
Building Practitioners Board
PO Box 536
Melbourne VIC 3001

In person to our Application Drop Box:
Building Practitioners Board
The Goods Shed North
733 Bourke Street
Docklands VIC 3008

You must ensure your application is complete and required documentation provided
  • Applications are for drop off only;
  • Applications will not be assessed at Reception;
  • We will not be able to copy documents on your behalf.

Phone: 1300 815 127

Download VIC Building Commission Application Kit

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