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(NON WA Residents):
If you registered before 19/07/2019, you are still allowed to complete this online WA white-card.
You have until 12/09/2019 to complete this course and the other things required on your checklist.
You will need to come to one of our classrooms to complete the white-card if your checklist is not complete by this date.

(WA Residents):
You must be a resident of Western Australia to complete this online white-card.
You will need to provide evidence (WA drivers license OR utility bill) once you finish the course to prove that you live in WA.

  1. There are 4 modules for this assessment.
  2. Click on module 1 in your current assessment below and complete each module in order.
  3. Each module will become unlocked once all answers in the current module have been answered.
  4. Once you complete the last module, you will see an extra button `save answers and LOCK assessment`.
  5. Lock in your answers and you are finished the online assessment.
  6. At the back of the statutory declaration, you will find a set of questions for the audio assessment.
  7. Call Peter on 0418181815 via one of the free Apps (Facetime, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Messenger) so we can record your answers.
  8. Have your PPE gear handy so we can also record you putting this on (Hard-Hat, eyewear, ear-plugs/muffs & high-visibility-vest).
Please note that you are currently NOT logged in! You are completing a practice assessment.


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