NSW Sample Owner Builder Course Compulsory Units

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  1. The following 6 modules cover the 5 mandatory subjects to become an owner-builder in NSW.
  2. Click on module 1 and complete each module in order. Module 2 will become unlocked once all answers in module 1 have been answered correctly.
  3. To complete each module:
    a) Complete ALL the learning activities 1st.
    b) Complete the multiple choice questions 2nd.
    c) Submit your answers to see which multiple choice questions are incorrect.
  4. Once you complete the last module, you will see an extra button 'save answers & LOCK assessment'. Your online asessment will be saved.
  5. You will be then provided with instructions to complete your last activity which is the audio/video component. THIS CANNOT BE DONE ONLINE.

Current Assessment
 ModuleModule DescriptionUnlockedAnsweredActivitiesPlease Fix
1 Occupational health & safety
0/5 2
2 Drawings, estimating & cash flow
0/5 2